black on black on cork…on black

Back in October, I blogged about these black faux leather track pants that I fell in love with and clearly, our love affair has not fizzled. I wore them through the winter with boots and sweaters and now I can wear them with a crop or tank top for the spring. It was the perfect weather to wear them paired with a black crop top (I love black on black) as it was the typical breezy, somewhere in the 50’s, sunny but still chilly type of Chicago day. The perfect kind of days. I may need to take a break from my love affair with them in the summer since they’re lined. Faux leather lined pants + hot summer Chicago days do not mix. Sorry, lover. It’s not you, it’s me.

faux leather track pants with crop topfaux leather track pants with crop topfaux leather track pants with crop top

Now let’s talk about this clutch! The multi-colored splatter paint design against the cork-like pattern of the clutch caught my eye immediately as I was walking through Akira.

splatter paint design on cork clutchsplatter paint design on cork clutch

So fun and so versatile, this clutch may be my new go-to…or until the next one;)

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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black faux leather track pants
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Like Stella’s groove, I’m back!

Hi all,
Okay I know, I took the entire Winter off and then some. But it’s hard to blog in 5 feet of snow and when the sun, that barely peaked its head out, went down every day by 4pm. So the elements were against me. That, added with my laziness and loathing of any temperature under 40 degrees, meant a recipe for a long hiatus. I’m being extreme. Maybe it was 4 feet.
But this weather now?! Yes, please! I’m obsessed with these mid-60’s, slightly cloudy, breezy type of days. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons and it won’t be long until it’s full on summertime (which I’m also excited about) so I try to soak up each Spring beautiful day. This is one of my favorite Springtime outfits when we’re walking around the neighborhood and exploring what new shops, restaurants, graffiti art, etc. has popped up around Wicker Park. A long sleeved crop top is great for this weather when you’re caught in the shade and the breeze catches you sending you brief chills. A high waisted maxi skirt and my gray canvas plimsolls are the perfect match for this cute and comfy crop. Bring it on, breeze!

Long sleeve crop top with high waisted maxi skirt





See you guys soon!


print high waisted pants

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I have posted because one thing you should know about me is that I hibernate like a bear in the winter. Or really, at the first sign of cold. I really shouldn’t be living in Chicago then I guess, but here I am.

But I had to post about these print high waisted pants that I wore for the first time a couple of weeks ago that were oh-so comfortable and that I received a ton of compliments on. I love having a mix of print pants in my wardrobe especially in the cold seasons when I want to wear nothing but pants but am tired of the go-to black. Prints are always a good option and mixing prints are a ton of fun too. With this outfit though, I just went with black on top.

print high waisted pants- wingedalmondsI paired these with a boxy leather crop top, nude pumps and a knit cap.

print high waisted pants- wingedalmondsprint high waisted pants- wingedalmondsprint high waisted pants- wingedalmonds

Now I just need a coat ;)

Now I just need a coat 😉

I’ll be back soon! Keep warm, friends!


leather track pants

After falling in love with the grey track pants I posted about, I found these faux leather track pants and had to have them. I wanted to be able to dress them up but also out to a casual dinner.

Dress up:
I paired them with a sleeveless white blouse and a black boyfriend blazer. I accessorized with a gold arrow necklace, a heathered grey infinity scarf and classic black pumps.

dressy leather track pantsdressy leather track pantsdressy leather track pants

Dress down:
If I could wear this grey sleeveless hoodie everywhere, I would. So I threw it on along with high ankle booties, black fingerless gloves, and a gold MK cuff bracelet.

casual leather track pantscasual leather track pantscasual leather track pants

Get yourself a pair of these!


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hoodie mini dress

It’s that in-between type of weather lately where in just one day, it can go from bitterly cold to warm with a cool breeze. On those days, I just want to wear a hoodie. So something like this hoodie mini dress is perfect to throw on for those types of days; wear it alone or accessorize it with cold weather gear!

I pulled out my knit hat and sleeves to add to this all black dress:

hoodie mini dresshoodie mini dresshoodie mini dressI also love this look with a black leather jacket:

hoodie mini dresshoodie mini dresshoodie mini dressBut it also works all on it’s own:

hoodie mini dress

Happy middle of the week!


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leather and leopard

I felt like I was needing a little edge this week. So what better way than to go leather and leopard? I couldn’t wait to bring out my faux leather leggings again since it has gotten colder out. I thought a loose fitting leopard silk top would go well with these as well as my cuffed high heeled booties. After looking in the mirror, I knew exactly what I needed to finish a sharp edgy look- a white blazer. I chose a white heavy blazer with an exposed silver asymmetrical zipper and long black tassel earrings.

leather and leopardleather and leopardleather and leopardleather and leopard

Have a great week!:)

Have a great week!:)


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black jumpsuit- work and play

There are days I don’t want to put an outfit together and I just want to throw a piece on and keep it simple. But that doesn’t have to be limited to a dress; especially with cooler days coming where I want to stay warmer in pants than bare legs. So the perfect alternative? A jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are fun and easy to accessorize, and easy to dress up for work or dress down for going out. This tapered leg, sleeveless jumpsuit with thin spaghetti straps is lightweight, tight fit yet comfortable and makes me channel my inner ninja…just a little.

black leather blazer to dress it up for work:

black sleeveless jumpsuitblack sleeveless jumpsuitblack sleeveless jumpsuitblack sleeveless jumpsuit

denim hooded vest to dress it down for play:

black sleeveless jumpsuit



And a huge statement chain necklace with both…because why not?


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black sleeveless jumpsuit

loose fitting crop top

Loose fitting short sleeved crop tops that don’t make me look boxy aren’t always easy to find. So once I find one with a pattern or design I actually like AND that fits my broad shoulders, I’m all over it. This one caught my eye immediately because of the checkered mesh overlay that makes it a delicate black and nude top which I always feel is more romantic than black and white.

loose fitting crop toploose fitting crop toploose fitting crop topI paired it with my slouchy high-waisted pants that have become an essential piece in my wardrobe because of the versatility and the comfort, of course. Plus they have pockets. Sold. And pink suede pumps…because well, they’re pink suede pumps.

loose fitting crop toploose fitting crop top

Ready for the weekend...have a safe one!

Ready for the weekend…have a safe one!


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work week style

Leather and lace are the perfect contrast together. So when I found this pencil skirt, I knew I had to have it. The length is work appropriate and I decided to pair it with a leather cropped blazer to complete the outfit.

work week style- leather and lacework week style- leather and lacework week style- leather and laceThere is also something about leather and red that makes good for a little middle-of-the-week attitude.

work week style- leather and lacework week style- leather and lace

It's already Wednesday! Woot!

It’s already Wednesday! Woot!



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leather and lace skirt
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fall shirt dress

If you are looking for a piece that you can transition from dressy to casual for Fall, an essential must-have piece is the “shirt dress”. It’s comfortable, easy and you can’t go wrong whether it’s with heels or flats, belted or unbelted, with or without leggings, the list goes on. I found this particular dark charcoal shirt dress at Akira and knew I had to have it. It’s lightweight with nice detailing and the perfect blue-grey tone; perfect for the transition into Fall season.

I went with nude pumps, a cream tote, a gold and crystal statement necklace, sans belt and a dark berry lipstick.

fall fashion shirt stylefall fashion shirt stylefall fashion shirt style

I love brown with shades of grey. Actually, I love shades of grey with any color. So these brown boots and my faux fur vest to keep me warm on those windier afternoons is perfect with this dark charcoal.

fall fashion shirt stylefall fashion shirt dressfall fashion shirt dress

If only it would stay this weather until the Spring, I’d be even happier!
Happy Fall!