Like Stella’s groove, I’m back!

Hi all,
Okay I know, I took the entire Winter off and then some. But it’s hard to blog in 5 feet of snow and when the sun, that barely peaked its head out, went down every day by 4pm. So the elements were against me. That, added with my laziness and loathing of any temperature under 40 degrees, meant a recipe for a long hiatus. I’m being extreme. Maybe it was 4 feet.
But this weather now?! Yes, please! I’m obsessed with these mid-60’s, slightly cloudy, breezy type of days. Spring has always been one of my favorite seasons and it won’t be long until it’s full on summertime (which I’m also excited about) so I try to soak up each Spring beautiful day. This is one of my favorite Springtime outfits when we’re walking around the neighborhood and exploring what new shops, restaurants, graffiti art, etc. has popped up around Wicker Park. A long sleeved crop top is great for this weather when you’re caught in the shade and the breeze catches you sending you brief chills. A high waisted maxi skirt and my gray canvas plimsolls are the perfect match for this cute and comfy crop. Bring it on, breeze!

Long sleeve crop top with high waisted maxi skirt





See you guys soon!


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