loose fitting crop top

Loose fitting short sleeved crop tops that don’t make me look boxy aren’t always easy to find. So once I find one with a pattern or design I actually like AND that fits my broad shoulders, I’m all over it. This one caught my eye immediately because of the checkered mesh overlay that makes it a delicate black and nude top which I always feel is more romantic than black and white.

loose fitting crop toploose fitting crop toploose fitting crop topI paired it with my slouchy high-waisted pants that have become an essential piece in my wardrobe because of the versatility and the comfort, of course. Plus they have pockets. Sold. And pink suede pumps…because well, they’re pink suede pumps.

loose fitting crop toploose fitting crop top

Ready for the weekend...have a safe one!

Ready for the weekend…have a safe one!


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checkered crop top
slouchy black pants
pink suede pumps

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