don’t leave your brows at home!

I remember the first time I walked into a cosmetics department and the MAC artist looked right at me and said, “you need eyebrows!”. She drew them in and my life was forever changed. ‘My life’, as in spending 15 minutes every morning drawing them in instead of what could be spent hitting the snooze button (I’ve got it down to 10 now- whoop!) Eyebrows really frame the face and without them filled in and shaped, it doesn’t look complete.



I do them in 5 easy steps when I’m short on time and when I have a simple makeup look on. After I’ve taken a brow spooley to brush my barely existent brows up and outward, I then:
Step 1: Use an angled brush to brush on a brow pomade to shape the underarch
Step 2: Blend the line up and outward
Step 3: Start filling and blending in the shape and top arch

brows how-to

Step 4: Blend the front end of the brows with the spooley to create a gradual effect
brows how-to
Step 5: Apply a concealer/highlighter 1-2 shades lighter than your skintone under the arch
brows how-to

brows how-to

brows how-to

[caption id="attachment_689" align="aligncenter" width="640"]my must haves my must must haves

don't leave your brows at home!:)

don’t leave your brows at home!:)

Happy Friday! Xx


find it:
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (dark brown)
Anastasia Beverly Hills duo brush
MAC eyeshadow (cork)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow (1C)
Bobbi Brown concealer blending brush
Bobbi Brown brow pencil (mahogany)

nude little black dress

Although I love the little black dress and a fairly large portion of my closet houses a variety of little black dresses in all shapes and sizes, sometimes you need to mix it up. I love this nude little black lace dress that I bought last Summer around this time when I was looking for something that would work for cocktails at a rooftop bar downtown on a Summer night and something that would still work moving into the early months of Fall with a leather crop jacket on those colder nights.

nude black lace dressI fell in love with this dress because of the black floral lace overlay. While I’m partial to the classic black and white, black and nude together makes for a romantic alternative.

nude black lace dressPaired with a pop of color in the purse, I’m ready for one of the few Summer nights we have left to enjoy.

nude black lace dressnude black lace dress

nude, black, gold, white and silver tips...yes

nude, black, gold, white and silver tips…yes

nude black lace dress

It’s mid week. That is something to be happy about.


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nude black lace dress

work week kickoff

I like to start off my work week in my easy, go-to colors when I don’t have the time to think about it: black, white, grey and gold. For this outfit, I grabbed a classic black pencil skirt. I like this length on this particular pencil skirt that I got from H&M. It hits a little below the knee so I never have to hike it down in fear that it’s too short for work. But at the same time, it doesn’t completely cut my legs off, being all 5’2″ of me.

Business casual It has been extremely hot these past few days and today is no different. I wanted to keep cool under my white blazer so I threw on a grey racer back tank top that a girl cannot have too many of. Same thing goes for coffee on a Monday.

Business casual grey black and whiteTopped with the white, it pulls it all together.

Business casual grey black and whiteBusiness casual grey black and whiteNow let’s talk about these shoes! I had been wanting a pair of gold studded black pumps since I saw the Christian Louboutin Spiked Heels at Neiman Marcus (a girl can dream) so when I saw these at Forever 21 (slightly closer to my budget), I snatched them up. You need a little attitude on a Monday.

gold studded black heelsgold studded black heels

Happy Manic Monday!

Just another manic Monday:)

Have a great work week!

lace dress- day to evening

This lace dress is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. It’s feminine, delicate and beautiful. I could wear it all day, every day because there is so much I can do with this dress. It actually came pure white when I bought it but I wanted a cream, vintage finish to it instead so we tea-dyed it and it came out perfectly. Tea dying is exactly what it sounds like, we dyed it using black tea bags.

Here are just a couple of different ways I go from day to evening in it. All with a bright warm red lipstick.

Daytime: I love this camo jacket on top of the lace. It works on a gloomy, cooler afternoon and dresses down the lace while the tribal print on the shoes gives the total look a nice contrast.

lace dress with camo jacketlace dress with camo jacketI decided on silver jewelry for the day look to tie it all together.

lace dress with camo jacket and jewelry

Ready for the evening...

Ready for the evening…

Nighttime: I want to show the dress off. It has an elegant, vintage look to it and so simple at the same time that it doesn’t need to be paired with much except heels and a lipstick.

cream lace dress

The detailing on the back is what sold me

The detailing on the back is what sold me

backless cream lace dressbackless cream lace dress



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lace dress
camo shirt jacket
tribal print wedges
gold heels

classic business casual

‘Business casual’ can be tricky sometimes. It means you need to find something that’s not too stiff but also not too laid back. It’s like saying, I want you to be comfortable, but it’s a business setting after all. To me, it means I get to pepper in my personality and style while maintaining my professionalism. So, ‘business casual’ can be a lot of fun! If it’s unchartered territory like this week is for me, and you’re not sure which side to lean towards, I always go with classic black and white like this:

black and white business casualIf I’m going with slim, fitted pants like these, I like to wear a loose fitting blouse topped with a slim boyfriend blazer like this one from Akira.

business casualblack and white business casualblack and white business casualI dress up any outfit with accessories and this one is no different. I love to mix my gold and silver jewelry. For this I picked a silver bib statement necklace that pops out even with my blazer on. I stacked my watch and gold bracelets on one arm and left just one beaded silver bracelet on the other.

silver and gold accessoriesbusiness casualAnd finally, the pop of color on my lips and my nails completes my look every time.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

Have a great work week!


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white blouse
white boyfriend blazer
slim black pants
statement necklace

a little bit of Santa Monica in Chicago

This past weekend, we went to check out the Summer House Santa Monica restaurant in Lincoln Park for brunch. I walked past this place weeks ago and kept saying I wanted to go back because even just walking past the front patio, I felt like I was in an episode of The Hills; instantly transported to sunny California and I immediately wanted to go. California that is, but the Summer House Santa Monica restaurant in Lincoln Park was much more feasible. When we walked in, the very first sight was this:

Summer House pastries

Summer9I knew I’d like it here. While waiting, I was perusing the options for what our dessert was going to be. I couldn’t help myself.…

Summer House pastriesWe walked in and everyone was dressed like they lived in Santa Monica. Good thing we got the memo.

Summer House Santa MonicaI was hoping the food would match the ambiance. It did. Mmmmm.

Watermelon Smash mixed with Tequila

Watermelon Smash mixed with Tequila

Ahi Tuna Tostadas...amazing

Ahi Tuna Tostadas…amazing

Mexican Pork Hash and Smoked Salmon Hashbrown Benedict

Mexican Pork Hash and Smoked Salmon Hashbrown Benedict

Apple Oatmeal and Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies a la mode

Apple Oatmeal and Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies a la mode

Summer House Santa MonicaCheck this place out if you can!

Brunch was so delicious and filling that for dinner, I wanted something light. I was so inspired by the amazingly light and delicious ahi tuna tostadas that I wanted more! I recreated them with a mango salsa and shrimp instead and they were delightful and incredibly easy.

Hope your mouth is watering:)

Hope your mouth is watering:)

Happy end of Summer:(:(


black and white aztec crop top

Aztec prints are amongst the many trends of today so I was excited when I found this print crop top from Akira. I paired it with high-waisted pants which are a fun look on a weekend when you’re headed out with the girls. I love the black and white paired with a bright red lipstick and gold accessories. I have also worn this top with a peach high waisted skirt and gold flats to a street festival and it went together really well. I would love to find a pair of darker colored palazzo pants to wear this with topped with a blazer for the Fall.

aztec crop topaztec crop topaztec crop top with high waisted pantsAztec crop top

gold heels make any girl smile

gold heels make any girl smile

Happy weekend, everyone!


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similar crop top
similar crop top in color
similar high waisted pants
similar gold heels

love your heart out- purple heart nails

I felt inspired by hearts this week, and with the difficult week the world has had, it’s a nice little reminder to love your heart out.

For this look, I used Sinful Colors for both shades. ‘Dream On’ and the white is ‘Snow Me White’. The nail brush is from Sally’s Beauty Supply.
Purple NailsHeart Nailsheart nailsHeart Nailsheart nails

Be good to each other.

find it:
‘Dream On’
‘Snow Me White’


prints prints prints

I like wearing fun prints on white like this romper I recently bought from Akira. Anything with pockets seal the deal for me. I paired it with my open toe black booties and my oversized yellow handbag to give it a pop of color and a coral lipstick to top it off. What’s also great about this print is that I can wear it into the Fall with dark tights, boots, a navy blue boyfriend blazer and a dark red lipstick. Typing that just got me excited for Fall for about 2 seconds until the flashback of last year’s polar vortex creeped in. Summer, don’t leave us!

Printed Romperprinted romperprinted romperprinted romperprinted romperprinted romperI told you it was a romper rage!


find love in everything

We were walking around the neighborhood this weekend after brunch at the Bongo Room in Wicker Park and passed by some deserted property and I saw this on the side of the building. Love is always present, even in its simplest form.

lovelove1love2love3Love was in my breakfast too.